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Hi Matt if you want the disclosure book 400+ pages I have it on one of my hard drives in PDF, PM me and I will send it to your email address, Look some of the stuff is off the wall and I am a little unsure of some of what they are saying, but if even one of them is telling the truth, just one, it certainly does make a real grounds for change, which is long over due….

What most people don’t know is that Greer debriefed Bill Clinton and heads of the CIA, A X leading member of the Canadian government is working with him to help him with the whole ET issue on a more open scale, with out many of the power issues that have hijacked the current ET issue.

Clinton’s advisors were very worried about Bill because they were afraid he was going to wind up dead by the way he was seeking out info on the ET issue, and the other part about Greer is there is no fear mongering….I reco the scarcest thing in this solar system is Man…

youtube vid of disclosure project,

interesting one on free energy,

more on the free energy thing ... ed&search=
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Re: Desteni-universe

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I've been on my desteni process for 1 year. Yes, this is the same kuzya42 that wrote that message 1 year ago. If you want to look at my videos about me and my process look at it here:

And desteni's main youtube account:

Please discuss much, and just realize that if you don't go on your process, you will DIE. LOL..
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Re: Desteni-universe

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You are still young Kuzya, you can't expect from yourself that you'd readily know and understand the truth of everything that is thrown your way specially when you allow yourself to become overwhelmed by massive amounts of information. You can't put a book of quantum physics in front of yourself and cry that you can't learn it because it's big while insisting that some draconian monsters have created your mind and consciousness to enslave you. You can take what I just said as a warning because I'm sure sooner or later you will get disappointed by this desteni business because the simple truth is that no matter how you would like to hide yourself and your inner fear of death behind what you call a desteni process, you will soon find out that you are in desperate need of your mind simply because without it you can't even buy a can of beans from the store down the street. The truth is that you need your mind so you can make observations and consciously process information to satisfy your other more advanced spiritual needs.

Be honest with yourself, try to identify if you can process information without the help of your mind. Start from little and simple things, and build up on correct and verifiable observations. If you need help in anything don't be afraid to seek the minds of the good people of this forum. Challenge yourself and others, the universe is a wonderful place so learn not to be afraid of it.
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Re: Desteni-universe

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Regarding disclosure project.... Isn't it yet to be disclosed?...
I have read about billy meyer and alex coulier or whats is name and others witch i cant even recall anymore... all i can say is that thiaoouba prophecy is still on my mind and I seriously doubt theres a single day i don't think about it.
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