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Re: TP_Lecture_1997.wmv

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Great video. In my opinion, I think it's best to find balance. If one can't understand something, why try to explain it by giving it a name tag of supernatural, or nonsense. Why not just simply state "I don't yet know what this is, perhaps later I will know". Either way it's still quite common for us to like to think we have it all figured out, or otherwise we will feel at unease. Why is that? Isn't that the biggest obstacle? Not wanting to learn new, giving up...? It's good to acknowledge that our science is limited and it can and should be improved, so that the things we consider "paranormal" today, can be found just plain normal some day..

One of the biggest obstacles in learning is always the fear of unknown, as is making yourself an ego out of knowledge.. Isn't this what our science has done, labeling certain things impossible, for example exceeding the speed of light etc. Of course this is not the fault of science but some of its practitioners. They swear by science but at the same time forget that science is not ready and complete, it will never be. One could even say that science is like life.

It's also a good question from drummer about Michel vanishing and why did he do that'? It's something I've questioned myself couple of times, "What would I do in the same situation? Is he somehow obliged to stay around? And why do we need a messenger to stay around in the first place. Michel has clearly stated that he is not and does not want to be a preacher. He wrote the book only because he was told to. So hasn't he done his task already after writing the book? Isn't he free to choose to do whatever he likes from that point forward? In this light I think his action of leaving is well justified. It doesn't change the value of the written word in any way. Of course it would seem so, but only if you look at it from the standpoint that the book is invented by Michel. We have to count for the alternative, that it is indeed true that he did not make this up himself.

Actually I think it would make perfect sense if he gave up, after all it seems like an impossible task. How to convince people? It would seem in this light that the complete reason for writing the book was not told to him either.. So this leads to next question: what is the point in writing such a book in the first place when apparently it was doomed from the start to reach any bigger audience? It should be quite clear that you can't hand over the absolute truth to people - they don't want to hear it. I think Toms book Freedom of Choice states this loud and clear. Most people will simply choose to ignore, and they have the right to do so. So what is the point - is there any?

I can only offer one example of myself and what the book has done for me. For example it re-enabled my interest in learning new things and I'm following more closely things like archeology, nature, science, spiritual teachings, exploring new things through dreaming etc. and it has all been highly fascinating. One good example is that I always hated math and was convinced that I don't have the head for it, yet it's now clear that I never even tried. So now I'm constantly trying to improve myself. Not for any reward but the pleasure of the task of life itself. I guess that could be considered as good reason as any to write such a book. To offer us inspiration to become better beings. So let yourself be the evidence, we can't expect others to do anything. We can only set an example and let them follow..

So when will it stop, when will you know everything..? After you get to spirit level, what next? I guess the only option is to find out, as life will go on and on and on .. THAT is the point, we don't need a messiah to tell us what to do, we don't need others to do the work for us. We can, or better yet, we HAVE TO do it ourselves.

So I suggest everyone to start now if they haven't, I started my life last summer, after first living 30 years in emptiness..
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Re: TP_Lecture_1997.wmv

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I was drawn to your statement " It should be quite clear that you can't hand over the absolute truth to people - they don't want to hear it" and eventually to the thought that well evidently those who have the absolute truth can certainly choose to hand over the absolute truth to people -..." AND if 'x' don't want to hear it or do want to hear it is up to 'them'. Personally I have found that most will seek to support and maintain their stories, and the whole issue of 'proof' becomes just a blind, a facade to maintain their stories, for ultimately proof and justification boils down to what one chooses to believe to be... My quest has been on finding effective ways to get to the absolute truth, and be able to share it with others. As you state 'Most people will simply choose to ignore' and focus on what they think and desire. instead of what be right to do... evidently eventually having to assume and atone for the consequences which can be practically impossible to do without the divine grace of love. In the lecture I head how more advanced beings sort of look at us on earth as we look at chimps on cages and prefer to keep out of our cage least the chimps acts irrationally and hurts them... While I agree that we need to seek to do it ourselves I tend to hold that ultimately it depends on a joint effort... and that the really impossible parts belong to the divine. For some reason children depend on their parents... I also observed the interchange of why or why not the video needed to be made available freely. BTW I see that ownership laws where created for economic reasons based on a system of limited resources instead of developing a better system based on infinite resources. How to resolve issues amongst peers seems to be the underlying lesson we are all here to learn ...

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Re: TP_Lecture_1997.wmv

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Cool point, Namaste. I like Vedic conception very much, which says that, to find out truth, one should always be ready to give up his own beliefs or points of view.
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Re: TP_Lecture_1997.wmv

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Oh I welcome to learn the truth even if it be that I have erred... for then I can embrace the truth and be better off... I am always open to integrate the better beliefs and points of view... and give up mine... :-$ of course if it happens that my beliefs and point of view be erroneous... or less than desirable... I was fortunate to have had interchanges where I learned to move past belief language barriers, give up embedded beliefs and enable translating and discerning functional properties from systemic properties. What I still find rather complicated involves being able to share an experience that others just can't have within their conception of things. Maybe those here will shed some light and pointers on the matter...

namaste ET-1
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Re: TP_Lecture_1997.wmv

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I realize of course that this is an old thread, but I'd like to say that one of the main reasons I decided to read the Thiaoouba Prophecy book was the video i watched, the 1997 lecture that was the main topic of this thread. I did find the website first when I was searching how to see Auras in my quest to learn whether there is something more to this life than we are generally taught in school, and after some time I found it mentioned the name of Michel a few times and then I found his lecture on Google and this is where I knew I had to read the book - all thanks to the video that Tom didn't want to release openly but with a quiz.

People who know me on Facebook's group dedicated to Thiaouuba ( may be aware of the consequences that follow, for those who don't... in short - I found what I was looking for all my life and even more than I could ever imagine, including receiving help from Thao and Biastra. But would I find all that if the video was not uploaded?

So I think that all information available about Thiaoouba or Michel should be free and public for everyone to access it. Links to and other related websites could be added to the description so that people can download and read the book in a few clicks. If it's a video then it's possible to add those links to the video itself too. Again I realize that all the information that there is about the book is probably available already but decided to share my experience and points of view for whatever it worth.
"Faith is never perfect but knowledge is" - Thao
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Re: TP_Lecture_1997.wmv

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Glad that you were able to find and benefit from it! I dont know if there are any other recorded lectures still out there, or have other information on them. I only know of that particular one.

I also had dream [from 2008] involving Thao [or someone with demeanor I 'guessed' to be] teaching me and 2 others particular psi-training [levitation] using what was shown as being lucid dream type of technology linked to me, sort of wirelessly. when active, and tuned certain way, i could then use my mind to lift up [but i floated up too much too quick and was stopped and eventually, landed back down, giving her and the other 'students' and myself a quick laugh]. the backdrop was the university where i used to go to, in familiar setting from real world for me that is to say.

of course the first obvious thought is of michel on the floaty thing tara litiolac pear belt or whatever its called, and losing control for a quick bit. add a small pinch of imagination, and voila. i admit sometimes my dreams are simple, but sometimes simple is better anyway for me it got the point across, to have patience and keep light-hearted when considering to practice more advanced meditation/concentration methods, like levitation, complicated guitar playing [and also to consider conditions I create, to foster them], or anything else in my life i considered very challenging to learn [gardening, writing, etc], and to let go of desire to control the process, that it is a kind of fear to bring about negative result. that sometimes, desire = reflection of a fear.

anyway that was a neat one. maybe i or someone can start a dream thread...oops! better check first it might already be here... :scratch:
" There is a single general space, a single vast immensity which we may freely call void: in it are unnumerable globes like this on which we live and grow, this space we declare to be infinite, since neither reason, convenience, sense-perception nor nature assign to it a limit."

-Giordano Bruno
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