Individuality ???

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Re: Individuality ???

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i got an idea - the book says we come from spirit, and it is made out of electrons which is what our conciousness was made out of (according to the book) so basically when you are in a physical body you assume individuallity because you lose connection to that spirit; this works the same for all aspects of conciousness that seperates from the original spirit i.e higher selves, humans, dogs, cats etc... your memory gets wiped clean before you are born so you are un aware of all of this, but you individual agree to experience this temporary life with your higher self knowing full well whats gonna happen. so in a nutshell if i took your spirit out of your body and put it in someone elses, you wouldnt be 2 people, you would be one spirit equal to 2 people (electron wise) and you would have memories of living 2 lives but you would still think individually. i think it fits with the view point that conciousness is conciousness no matter what form it takes and identity and individuallity is just a perception we get from living in a physical reality.
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Re: Individuality ???

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nuky, the book doesn't say the Spirit is made of electrons. In fact it says that "An Astral body is not quite what you would call a pure spirit." and the Astral body is made of electrons which were created at the moment of creation (page 165) and have a life span. For the Spirit it's all present time so anything having a life span can't be it in my understanding. On page 53 Thao also said "The Spirit - the Superior Intelligence...", so the Spirit is intelligence which made up of nothing material (and electrons are matter too and the Astral body is just a tool into which each 'individual' intelligence (human being) was 'inserted' by the Spirit).

To be clear Michel did say the Spirit is made out of electrons in his 1997 lecture but think he was confused or meant something else, I don't know.

As for consciousness, electrons do retain the spiritual knowledge (page 138, Thao talks about Moses: "the Astral body is so ‘charged’ with knowledge and experience from previous lives, that it has no trouble adapting to what it must learn in its new physical body") and each Astral body has its own unique vibrations (as in case of Lationusi when there were in the Psychosphere) so it may contribute to us feeling individuality.
"Faith is never perfect but knowledge is" - Thao
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