Life is mean't to be this way

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Life is mean't to be this way

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The Thiaooubans said life is mean't to be this way. I have really wanted to protest again the disastrous policies of politicians in Australia for some time, seeing that their way is not good. However, I know that people in general are not ready to take them on. Things have to get really really bad for that to happen. Look at Libya for instance. The people have put up with an iron fisted rule for 41 years. People are starting to protest but unfortunately, they need more people power. Everything needs to stop. I have been frustrated for a very long time, seeing what world leaders are up to along with big businesses. It is not good. Horrific is the word I use for it. I feel that my hands are tied because unless I have the backing of the majority, I will be dragged through hell and back. People are so gullable to think that a change in leadership will do the trick. It is the same all over. The U.S and the U.K.........etc. ETC, ETC. If life is meant to be this way, then how can we make the changes needed for survival? I really do believe that history repeats itself. We reach a certain point then something disastrous takes place and we start again.....and again.....until we end up in the situation we are all in today.
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Re: Life is mean't to be this way

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The Way of Peace and the practice of non-violence Is a good place for everyone to start their development. Being how evolved our Earth is, It seems that many Practitioners of peace and non-violence are only alive today because of those who protect them (Army + weapons). In this world, If a nation was 100% practicing peace and non-violence... A stronger Meaner Corrupt nation may move in to take control. Some people would call the peaceful nation stupid, some would call them evolved. There is a slight shift in consciousness. More people are accepting Non-violence and peace.

Point is: Any Protest/rebellion that has violence on both sides, will just continue the cycle of violence(same old leadership..but with some changes). A true non-violent protest/rebellion will actually most likely put into power a peaceful nation

My life is comfortable, In fact so comfortable, I get diseases that make me focus on the self and to be uncomfortable. I drive a car to work because it is far away..even though i know Cars area horrible thing..since it continues the cycle of earth killing..and I dislike that this is my only option since i cant work anywhere else..for at least 4 more months. I am aware of so many things I could do and change to evolve better..yet I have a hard time implementing them because of past promises to others and job commitments(self destructive issues? I know and I am going to therapy to get some motivation my way)

The point of that: People only understand things differently(hopefully) if they experience the worst. Perhaps one of the nations that will rebel will realize that, yes...non-violence may be scary you may get shot by something more violent...but with the majority behind you, You may succeed.

also. If the book is "Right" we are "Category 1". Rejoice, my brothers and sisters! We have taken on the hardest challenge. Bored of your category 4 planet? go back to a 1 and learn something new!

anyways, Let's get this forums synapses firing again with a braingasm!
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Re: Life is mean't to be this way

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Remember that it was said that the whole system is distorted.
Since we have identified what the distortions are, we can gradually deal with them.

It is actually becomming enjoyable to point out the moral flaws in the writers of rules and laws. This again helps people to understand who would be a better person to draw them up. Once one can identify the person that makes up various illogical tales it is easier to judge agaist oneself on the nature of what is considered just. Therefore I'm of the opinion that using names on the internet must be able to be traced to the real people's names in order to instill a sense of responsibility towards what ones writes, even it be not perfect, this way honesty can grow and overcome any matter between people and help unfold natural rules while the distortions and their supporters fade away.
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Re: Life is mean't to be this way

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when laws are written which do not take proper account, one common problem can be the language which is used. it can become quite confusing quickly, though in general its better they are simple enough to understand.
" There is a single general space, a single vast immensity which we may freely call void: in it are unnumerable globes like this on which we live and grow, this space we declare to be infinite, since neither reason, convenience, sense-perception nor nature assign to it a limit."

-Giordano Bruno
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