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shezmear wrote:
Ptah wrote: Faith can make the search for truth a slippery slope. You either know or your don’t and when you don’t know you have faith. Another way to look at it if you know you don’t need faith.

I don’t respect a God that plays possum. I don’t respect a God that plays cat and mouse. I don’t respect a god that uses faith as a means of revealing a message which he wants me to apparently know. All powerful and omnipotent and so bloody cryptic. If you want me to know get off your ring and come down here and tell me other wise get lost. Go play guess who some were else in the galaxy.

Ptah On another note that story you told about the women you meet in the street who asked you about the noise is a fire cracker of a tail. If it is true its implications are fascinating.
One may know the truth and have faith ... that others will believe us or that one will find a way to prove what one knows to be true... of course some don't need to prove what they know ... if other believe them or disbelieve them thats the others problem...

God reveals the truth and gives us the freedom to accept it or reject it... rather than forcing us ...
God often works with and through beings/situations to tell you what you need to know... whether you see it or not depends on you
God respects ... what you choose to do... even when you choose not to respect God's will... Just know that when you reject perfect realization knowledge happiness peace you embrace something else... I prefer respect and thus I respect...
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From my personal experience i have come to understand that the words belief faith and knowledge are often used in place of each other but have truly different meanings. Belief is blind, believing in something someone tells you or you read with out doing any due diligence or personal exploration. Not taking any personal responsibility to question the information thoroughly. Faith on the other hand is knowing something with out having to read it from a book or hear it spoken by someone else but just having that knowledge and understanding of its truth. And knowledge is belief and faith taken one step further. Taking information that you collect in your experience or just know to be true internally and putting it through your own mind through study, meditation, comparison, etc. For example I have faith that this world will be turned into a veritable paradise, a true golden age. I don't believe in anything, and i know what i have discovered to be universal truth. It all comes back to truth, and universal truth exists beyond perspective and perception. You can believe that the earth is flat but that doesn't make it true. You can have faith that there is more intelligent life in the universe besides here on earth and not be able to prove it but it is true. And you can know that water exists in three forms here on earth and be able to show the transformation of it from ice to liquid to gas and know it to be true.
Universal truth exists beyond perception and perspective
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