The experience of reading Thiaoouba Prophecy

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The experience of reading Thiaoouba Prophecy

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I am reading TP now for the fourth time;

I wanted to ask about the experience of people here - how it felt during or after reading it.

The reason I ask is that I am aware of an energy / felt-sense that is present ONLY for me when either reading it or watching Michel's lecture on Youtube. It is as if there is a 'note' or 'signal' present.

The feeling I now have is of intense nostalgia - in some small way, I resonate with what Michel said about how thinking or talking about Thao could often leave him feeling very sad / lonely. I often think about Michel and wonder if there is another book that could be written...

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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Re: The experience of reading Thiaoouba Prophecy

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yes. For that matter, any information I focus on and is in accord with the lessons to learn has such kind of signal. The signal can also be accompanied by a sense of urgency/importance or emotion.
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Re: The experience of reading Thiaoouba Prophecy

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Ah yes, I feel such surges of energy to the point where there is almost a different type of "presence" entirely to the moment. Like its a big 'cue' to pay attention to.
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Re: The experience of reading Thiaoouba Prophecy

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When I read it for the first time I had a strange feeling as if I already knew about many things that were mentioned in the book but forgot them. Some kind of emotional connection was also established and I felt sad reading the last chapter.

Upon later readings I noticed that each time I learn something knew or notice things that may seem unimportant but yet they are mentioned in the book by Thao and could help to further understand the Universe. For example Naacal tablets helped me realize that not only humans came from Astromic Eggs but also did not have to go through the 'evolution' process like the animals and plants had - we appeared almost as we are now - completely 'evolved' physically. Of course it helped me realize many other things, like what is the aura and what is the etheric field (I confused the two the firs time I was able to see them) etc.
"Faith is never perfect but knowledge is" - Thao
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