Disaster Prediction?

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Re: Disaster Prediction?

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well, as they say in the absence of evidence, all speculation is fair game. at least, some anyhow.

i feel no particular hysterias or gossip tendencies, and also dont wish to encourage it. but i might have....

i think its important enough at least, to figure out what the detail of michel's information was, following the recent revelations mentioned here. difficult to do without a little hypotheticals to run through [though mightve been wordy].
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Re: Disaster Prediction?

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Renzo I think you make some valid points.I can`t really speculate I can only offer what I know or have seen first hand.
Greg I think in life it is best to deal with and face the seemingly uncomfortable in the search for truth.Living a lie is a form of hell in my experience.
I also think people that change their predictions should stop making them.
By their deeds shall you know them.
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