TP the Movie?

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sorry im late :)

I've seen some interesting ideas here, but one thing hasn't been mentioned so allow me. Making a movie out of TP would cater to the audience who will not sit and read a 183(?) pg book, correct? To make a movie or documentary as it must be done, without leaving out any vital information and preserving the context of what is said would leave us with a movie that is about 7 hours long. If it stays that long it will be passed over by the same crowd that won't read the book for the very same reason. Assuming the length estimate I pulled out of thin air, to compress it into even half of that would mean having to choose what is included and what is not.

While a properly done movie or documentary may not distort anything, it can still omit important parts which is nearly as harmful. That is why I feel that any serious project to make a video about TP should summarize the message and general points, then provide fascinating 'teasers' which would arouse interest in the book. The video, if it's in documentary form, could go on to corrobarate things discussed in the book and then start painting a visual scene in which events and conversations took place. I would really love to see ancient Mu come to life on screen in all of its beauty, among other things, but to do it fully and completely in the course of a single film just seems impossible to me.
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A japanese tv channel has already made a documentary interviewing Michel witch is very well done, you can see it here: ... =thiaoouba

I have to say that I’m really enthusiastic about the idea of somebody making the film but I think that it would need a really good amount of money, we are talking about a movie of millions of dollars of budget, at this moment people tend to watch the movie first and then read the book ( as examples we have: harry potter books, lord of the rings, narnia chronicles, da vinci code etc. ) so I think this would be very good despite the fact that in the movie many details could escape but this is not a problem since the movie is an invitation to read the book, if the movie could show the principal message of the book very clearly and in a very impressive way then I think it's totally worth it.

For now we can think of the movie as a dream and only hope that someday somebody has the guts (and the budget) to take it to the big screen because in that way millions of people could see it and then read the book.

By the way soulrider the picture is really cool I hope you can share all your 3d creations with us it would be very interesting to see your work, thank you for share it with us
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Thanks for the comments gang. They're much appreciated. A doco is the go, speaking of which, here's an image I created of the Golden Doko just for you. :wink:

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Beautiful, thank you!
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That's amazing Soulrider!!!!!!
Very beautiful image! The power of an image is simply amazing!
I believe we can do a TP Teaser with a limited budget and resources.
My view is that producing a movie may be risky for the reasons I explained previously (impossibility to control the very likely sensationalizing of TP).
There is a second reason: by watching a movie people may become actually avoid reading the book so the best thing to do is to inspire people to read and reflect about TP. A Teaser may actually do the trick but it needs to be well planned because we're dealing with limited resources.
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Hi soulrider, I think this is a wonderful idea.

.. audio version ..
I had previously thought of doing an audio only version of the book.. people these days would listen to it on their mobile phones when they are bored :-), and they can share it via bluetooth and email.

An audio version could be a useful starting point and add the animation later??

.. story board ..
flash would be adequate for making story boards? though I guess pencil and paper is better :-). I am asking because I understand flash.. and I don't have a good grasp of 3D animation.

hey, whats wrong with anime !? I love anime :lol:

.. splitting up the project ..
we could start by doing a few small key sections of the book, eg: the visit to Aremo X3, the talks with the Thaora, Thao's history lessons, etc .. oh and of course the time when they were flying through the trees and met the huge butterfly. Had a dream like that once! (In my dream I was aware that the butterfly was quite intelligent)

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I can only imagine what the real images looked like when they happened to him. Especially given that he had to wear *goggles* to keep out the light from his body systems to be able to just look at things there [the story in bible that looking directly at yhvh is blinding?]
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I'm not sure this movie should be made, but I can speculate what director could do it nonetheless..
If it's animation, I would go for Richard Linklater (and I mean rotoscope technique, used in "Waking Life" and "A Scanner Darkly", both great movies).
As for non-animation, Darren Aronofsky comes to mind. I have just finished watching "The Fountain" about twenty minutes ago and I'm still in awe how beautifully made it is. And I think that anyone who has seen "Pi" could agree that he is intelligent enough to understand message of the book.
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I think that if there were to be a movie made, people would simply ridicule it.
The people who rate it would probably rate it as something like this
"1.5 out of 5 stars, due to the ridiculous lies in this movie" or something liek that

Also, if it were posted as a movie, people would take it as a movie, and be passive about it. Nowadays, people don't really care about messages in movies, they just care about being entertained, and then forgetting about it when something newer and "cooler" comes along.

But do you mean a movie as in post it online? or a movie as in the theatres.
Making movies costs thousands of dollars. If the movie wasn't made in order to get money, people aren't going to care about it...

Are you willing to put your time and effort into something that almost everybody would see as *** or bs?

I didn't want to put any of your thoughts down, just that movies are so stupid and have no values nowadays, that people will think anything that's placed down as a movie is to be taken as a joke or simply entertainment
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I'd like asking several questions to those standing for the idea:

1. What about the colors on Thiaoouba?
2. What about different environment on Thiaoouba?
3. What about different gravity, different everything? these are going to be reproduced?

My opinion. I think, by reproducing the story to a film, we will actually:
1. LIMIT the imagination of people watching the video.
2. Distort the story by our imagination and understanding.
3. Eliminate the EFFORT needed for reading the book.

Do you know why Michael insists on reading the book three times?
How many of you can say you have fully understood the book?
How many of you are ready to take the responsibility for the film's accuracy/effect?

I think we shouldn't make a religion here. Those who seek, will find eventually, remember? The same concept here. Michael was asked to write a BOOK, not a film.

Comments are welcome.
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I completely agree with you Drummer!
Ideas to challenge people into reading the book and understanding the message are what I feel we should focus on. This is why I think a carefully planned teaser would do the trick!
It could be something simple like a couple of still images fading into each other, slowly zooming in or out, with a powerful and beautiful soundtrack and also powerful titles... to provoke people to read and think! We wouldn't have to film anything...

Here's a suggestion: the colorful image of a galaxy slowly zooming in then some letters begin to appear "Do you really believe we're alone in the universe?..."

Well, the text would have to be highly appealing but I believe the purpose is illustrated by the above example.

Technically this can be easily accomplished and in a short period of time.

What do you think?
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I like that idea Ptex, you could also have quotes from Thao and such pop up.
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very rough draft of promo HERE

*right click and "save as" (windows .WMV format w/ audio - 584k)
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An astonishing start Soulrider!
I'm quite impressed and wondering what are the possibilities here?

Well done for this small demo! Can't wait to see the final result whenever we reach there ;-)
The best portion of a good man's life is his little nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.
~William Wordsworth
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cheers ptex.

If anyone would like to thrash out some ideas for a script of about 15-30 sec. I'll give it a crack at full "on-air" resolution...
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