Aura Technology

Discussion on technology and how it could be used to assist spiritual development and NOT enslave us. This includes technology that will help us live in harmony with Nature (e.g.: "Lifter" technologies that could replace the petrol driven engine). Also, discussion of past and current scientific thought so that gems are not buried in the sands of time, and spiritual progress through science is achieved.

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Re: Aura Technology

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== Aura Technology: Refraction & Edgar Cayce ==

Many of you will be aware of Edgar Cayce's curious channeled readings. Here is one pertaining to Aura Technology which I believe needs investigating.


25 [...] To gain the proper aura from a mechanical manner, prepare an aurascope like this:
Make prisms, or combined prisms - see? Jena [Encyclopedia Britannica cc 1957: JENA, a university town of Germany... seat of the famous Zeiss firm of optical instrument makers] glass for the white one, lapis for the blue one, the blood ruby for the red one, the yellow lapis for the yellow one. Combine these on a spindle, so that each may be turned through an opening that is directed towards a body. With the second turn there will come into vision, for anyone of any psychic ability, the direct aura - physical AND spiritual - for anyone at whom it is pointed.
In making the diagnosis, it would require the nude body; and those portions of the body affected will show the various tints or forms of depressions, ranging from all colors that are negative in their action to life - which are leaden and various shades of purple, and the orange that turns towards red. These prisms would be set. They would be of these dimensions: From a quarter (1/4 inch on the thin edge to a three-quarter (3/4) on the heavy edge. An inch (1") wide and two inches (2) long. Necessarily two sets would be prepared, so that there may be the vision from both eyes - for in few people is vision exactly the same in both eyes; but these would be so set that they would be turned on an axis, an inch to two inches (1" to 2") apart, see? so they would turn around, see?
(Q) Would the axis be through the center?
(A) The axis would be that the prisms would be set in a holder on the axis. Of course, do not attempt to bore through the prisms themselves - but these are set in holders, see, in something like the leaves of a willowing fan.
(Q) What is the distance from the eyes to the prisms?
(A) Nine inches (9").
(Q) Are any other lenses necessary?
(A) Naturally the plain glass in the end of the scope, and turned - you see - or set on axis so that the vision comes as one; as when looking through the scope that makes for the projection of flat object as to give them the perspective value to the whole, see? [See 440-6.]

I did have a dream of something comparable.. but different. It didn't get far as I was being difficult in the dream.
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Re: Aura Technology

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Ronald, wow that is awesome. I just read a bit from "The Cave of the Ancients" (alternative link). I will quote a longer piece below. In this version of the text it is on the last paragraph of page 130:

He walked across to that very strange device and lifted up one side of
the top. The whole thing moved, and inside I saw a series of arms
radiating from a central shaft. At the extreme end of the arms there
were prisms of glass in ruby red, blue, yellow and white. As the handle
was turned belts connected from it to the shaft caused the arms to
rotate and I observed that each prism in turn was brought to the line
which was seen by looking through the two eyepieces. My Guide
showed me how the thing worked and then said, “Of course this is a
very crude and clumsy affair. We use it here for experiment, and in the
hope of one day producing a smaller version. You would never need to
use it, Lobsang, but there are not many who have the power of seeing
the aura as clearly as you. At some time I shall explain the working in
more detail, but briefly, it deals with a heterodyne principle wherein
rapidly rotating coloured prisms interrupt the line of sight and thus
destroy the normal image of the human body and intensify the much
weaker rays of the aura.”

Source: ... cients.pdf

The Heterodyne "Principle"
A working definition of heterodyning: To generate new frequencies by mixing two or more signals
in a nonlinear device such as a vacuum tube, transistor, or diode mixer.
Source: ... odyne.html

It looks to be exactly the same theory as with the Edgar Cayce Aurascope. Edgar Cayce's reading predates the publishing of this book, however this version is far easier to understand!
I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. -- Douglas Adams
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Re: Aura Technology

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Not saying my dreams are exactly reliable, but they do seem to offer good hints from time to time :) Here is one to share

-- Dream --
This is the dream I had re Aura technology:

(uncertain of date, early to mid Jan 2016)
I was given a tour down a road that showed various displays relating to Michel Desmarquet and the book Thiaoouba Prophecy. I recall seeing a poster of the old book cover with that weird astral body that appears like a slug-like creature. Finally I came to one that demonstrated the visualisation of an aura. I could see a small flame and a lamp directed at the flame, and this projecting the flames silhouette on to a white background.
There was some kind of crystal that I was meant to inspect but I didn't do this properly as I was worried I would do something wrong, I think there was a reddish crystal involved that was to be placed between the flame and the lamp. The crystal was, if memory serves, attached to a thin stick so as to support its position in the light [and now having read the comment from Ronald re "The Cave of the Ancients" I presume this is to allow for spinning the crystal - that is a HUGE help btw].
I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be. -- Douglas Adams
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Re: Aura Technology

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so ... some sort of motor? or some kind of polarization filter on what sounds like red led light, that would cause the light to vary intensity in some way hm.

actually i have heard from jerry wills that he constructed a sort of aura visualizing aid [more for training ones ability] - i have notes on this as i attended one of his healing workshops, it was actually back in 2010 - regarding led lights arranged a certain way, with dim lighting, that he has found helpful to show people to become more able to see the aura.

found the notes- ok. i didnt write much. except that part of the course, he dimmed - no actually think lights were off, except for the red led light[s], and there was a larger, spherical crystal, i think [?] quartz maybe. or some other kind, but it looked clear. with led lights shining over the end, and was placed few feet infront of our field of view [group purposes - said we can use smaller versions for personal use]. and staring at or near the led light on the crystal, much like staring at the dot on white piece of paper, only difference is you are focusing gaze on the crystal closest to the red led, in near-darkness, at somebody else close to it [behind or near the setup].

i think i recall this correctly. what i did write down was brief comment about uv and near-infrared wavelengths of light, and the difference between the two. i have not kept up with this practice as i was unsure if red led was something i should look near often or not [call it me being cautious, although i look at computer and cell phone screens so...] but i felt it interesting nonetheless, because i do think i saw some sort of non-afterimage type of energy field, during that session.

that is an interesting dream. as far as machine construction is concerned, i posted the above, hoping it would relate somehow.
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