Stones from Altai

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Stones from Altai

Postby AltaiStones on Wed Feb 03, 2016 9:10 pm

Hello everybody

I live in a mountain region in Russia called Altai (in the asian part of Russia) and have practiced for
more than 10 years an medical art called 'Healing stones' . I don't work with gems but with normal
stones ,you can find for example by a river, and explore the effect of the stones' energy on humans.
With my specific devices I determine the energy and use it against different deseases or health
I divide the energy of the stones in 3 different states: 'plus', 'neutral' and 'minus' . The energy is
determined by the place where the stone where. If the stone lays somewhere, where the earth
created a plus energy field, then the stone's energy is 'plus'. Of course this is possible the
other way round as well. Plus and minus energies are not antipodes as they both affect our
body positively. However the amount matters! A bigger amount of minus energy affect the
body in a negative way.
Here are a few examples what affect the energy of 'plus' and 'minus' stones has:

    creates a shield around the body, because of that the immune system improves a lot
    slows down and heals possibly infected injuries and local abscesses
    improves physical abilities
    relaxes the muscels around the organs
    reduces blood sugar

I have confirmations through the control of the body with medical devices and devices for controlling the energy that my stones affect the health in a positve way.
Altai is called 'Russian Tibet' not only because of its beauty but also because of the huge and
massive energy font.
I would love to hear your own experiences with this topic. Moreover I am ready to welcome
people who are interested in this at Altai and personally teach them my experiences and studies.
I could also teach how to determine the stones' energy and how to use it.

If you have any questions left or are interested just contact me
I'm looking forward to it,
Oleg Kopilov
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