Thiaooubans Knocking out the Large Hadron Collider ?

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Thiaooubans Knocking out the Large Hadron Collider ?

Post: # 11787Post ArioK »

LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure

Are the Thiaooubans Knocking out the Large Hadron Collider ? I think so. As they saved us from the A-Bomb falling into the hands of the Nazis so too are they playing their role in blocking us "playing with fire" again.

LHC knocked out by ANOTHER power failure ... ure_again/

The Large Hadron Collider - most puissant particle-punisher ever assembled by the human race - has suffered another major power failure, knocking not only the atomsmasher itself but even its associated websites offline. The machine remains unserviceable at present. However its crucial cryogenics seem to have been unaffected, and no catastrophic damage is thought to have occurred.

(visit the link for the full news article)
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Re: Thiaooubans Knocking out the Large Hadron Collider ?

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Are you suggesting that there will be lesser victims by performing such an action in comparison to the historical incident about the first atomic bomb?

Not sure, Does anyone know if there is a risk of degradation of consciousness due to experiments with this machine?
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Re: Thiaooubans Knocking out the Large Hadron Collider ?

Post: # 11789Post Rasmus »

As most of you proably know. They did knock out those needles in orbit around Earth, TWO times. The reason for this was, as far as I understood, because it was a physical rather than psychological danger to us.

A power failure in the LHC experiment seems like a natural explanation - disappearance of millions of needles at two occasions does not. But who knows?
Maybe this experiment is a physical danger but it is also of an psychological nature:
By smashing things together like these scientists does with "LHC" only demonstrates their lack of intelligence.

Tom Chalko wrote this about LHC on his forum:
"You can burn a book and find out how much "energy" the book contains. Following this approach you will thoroughly miss everything that the book is about."
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Re: Thiaooubans Knocking out the Large Hadron Collider ?

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I did some search about the needles some time ago, I believe it was called project West Ford. Or the West Ford belt. Would be interesting to hear if anyone has more info about this. The first information I found was of course contradicting to the book, but digging deeper I finally found some evidence that at first they were rather silent after the second launch.. Can't seem to remember the link anymore, I'll see if I can still find it..

Not so sure about LHC, I don't believe it will be any big threat to us, rather a big waste of resources and a rather unintelligent approach. They of course desperately need support for their theories. Maybe if they spent more time looking inside their own self (meditating) and looking at the unlimited amount of clues the nature / universe already provides us they would already see that everything is really a big unified system...

Ultimately it seems we always want to invent our own reality and rules to be able to claim a prize of superiority rather than understand what already is. This only translates to unnecessarily complex theories that only few will understand. And yet they don't still get the big picture. More and more time is going in to learning these unnecessary systems rather than use the time more productively, ultimately exhausting us and slowing down our spiritual development.. We are continuosly dazzled by our great material achievements while even the most fascinating technologies that we consider a great achievement are just doing a lot of unnecessary work fighting the laws of nature rather than "tuning in"..

I think the LHC is one of the biggest examples of this to date :D
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Re: Thiaooubans Knocking out the Large Hadron Collider ?

Post: # 11830Post Robanan »

One big problem with what they do is that they don't understand what amount of resources is needed in order for a single attempt of the "universe randomly making itself" to actually happen. They do fail to proprly estimate and evaluate the necessary conditions for it too as the finess at which the universe has been made to happen, slips their hands like fish.
I don't think the collider is any more dangerous than the nuclear reactors we already have, take note that it's the "experts" of our planet that we are talking about here, they need to get their nudges their own way, and if Thiaooubans would interfere I think it would be to hint them to the right way, as our so called "experts" have chosen to take the hardest path ever possible. So in my view if Thiaooubans would interfere they would "assist" their "understanding" by sometimes providing those unforeseen "conditions" that our expert miss because they are doing it while "enjoying" the facilities of and "already made" universe.

More amusing than power cuts was a report I read about it that a bird made it not functioning. There are lessons for everyone everywhere.

The massive machine at the center of the world's biggest scientific experiment has malfunctioned again derailed by a bit of bread,2933,572567,00.html

The LHC has been so plagued by problems and shutdowns that some physicists have wondered if it's being sabotaged by its own future. ... -is-doomed

The LHC is recovering from a serious overheating problem, caused by a piece of stale bread dropped by a bird ... rd-strike/
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Re: Thiaooubans Knocking out the Large Hadron Collider ?

Post: # 12139Post Rezo »

yes i recall reading those.

heres something that i found - claims that it is dangerous the website is not sure about it.
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