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Post: # 9281Post Zachariah »

Hi everybody! :D

I am new to these forums.
So, I thought I would introduce myself.
I am Zachariah, I have alot I would like to express but I won't say it all now...
My general idea is this....
It appears we are wasting our time in these forums more commonly discussing pointless issues, and often trying to prove whether TP was real or not, rather than solving the problem(S) of the important message(s) mentioned in the book.

IMO it doesn't matter whether or not the book really happened...all that matters is that we actually do something about the TRUTHS we are now aware of...I have seen such efforts being put forward in the True Spiritual Civilisation ...but it doesn't seem that there is enough going on...but I will read on more before supporting such assumptions and before making further posts(except the one made before this greeting http://www.goldenplanetforum.com/viewto ... =9279#9279)....I just thought I would introduce myself and atleast 1 point of mine.
Because although Tom and Michel believe...or probably KNOW it is too late to save mankind...I for some odd reason...beg to differ.

Anyways, how is everyone doing?

btw...I would like to ask a favor of the one of the admins...if they would be so kind as to help me. It would be greatly appreciated! :)
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Post: # 9282Post Leo »

G'day mate,
welcome to our little corner of the web

Love and Light
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Post: # 9286Post Teda »

Hi Zachariah,

If you want to see real changes happening, begin within. Perhaps use this forum as a springboard.

I believe what happened in the book is true for Michel, but that does not mean I believe the book to be true.

Welcome to the forum!

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Re: Hello!

Post: # 12147Post kousiksri »

Hi All, I am yet another new member to this forum from India. :salute:

Lets all thrive to become Highly evolved spirits.
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Re: Hello!

Post: # 12151Post Robanan »

Fresh meat :)

Welcome aboard guys, most of us here feel responsible toward our own lives and our own achievements in life (having spiritual value or otherwise), we mostly use this forum to communicate our ideas, experiences, inspirations and to seek council of each other. Enjoy your time here, we don't shy away from any kind of hard talks.
As for the rest, the book is yet to be explored, studied and understood through time and effort, whatever it has in store for us we're still at the beginning of it. Some small things came up that have been discussed on the forum, but no major breakthroughs.

welcome again friends, I do really hope you'll enjoy your time here.
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