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Djoshua Here

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Hey there Goldenplanet!

Im new here, from great old land of Aussy. Growing up in a highly spiritual family, i have always been very in-touch with the universe. Reading the book though allowed me to tap into Developing my spirituality as opposed to being highly aware of it. I am still young and i have many questions! I am very excited to be on this forum :D

I had a few questions where people may be able to point me in the right direction - I am very interested in first developing my Aura seeing abilities and also finding good meditation techniques in order to try and achieve communication with my higher self or astral body, or even have an out of body experience. If anyone could please point me in the direction for the best resources for these requests, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you to everyone and i look forward to spending time here!

With Love and Warmth,

"Love, peace, happiness, serenity, Harmony" - A hugely fulfilling and relaxing mantra i repeat at all times of day when my mind is not concentrating on anything else, i like to think that it sends happiness and calmness to those around me too :)
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Re: Djoshua Here

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For me, I try to 1st deal with the usual stuff like emotions, relations, basic social values, my own psyche etc.
The for us so called advanced abilities are interesting, nevertheless I always find myself drawn back to dealing with 1st category priorities. Higher self interactions seem to be a big part of that.
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Re: Djoshua Here

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Hello Djoshua,

The best recourses for these requests are actually you, and you alone.

For aura seeing, just place yourself in front of a mirror where you have a white background (this brings out colors the best). Relax your eyes and slowly let them go out of focus, try to aim your sight at your third eye (between eyebrows) and within a minute (or maybe a little longer at first) you should be able to distinct a white glow about five centimeter from your body, outlining you completely. Then you know your on the right path. With enough practice, you should be able to eventually see the aura. Its all about practice! On there is a nice exercise to help you get your eyes in the right focus.

Meditation is as basic as they come, just emptying your mind. There are numerous tricks on how to make this emptying easier, but they always lead to bad habits. Like making an "Uhmmm" sound is great in replacing thoughts, but in the long run you'll be too much dependent on that sound in order to clear your mind. My suggestion. Just sit still think as minimal as you can and relax. I often have difficulty in music I keep hearing in my head, but in order to meditate I don't shut it out, I just dim the music and try not to concentrate on it too much (or at all). You'll soon find yourself in a state of peace and tranquility. Easy enough!

So to conclude: Do not depend on recourses. You and you alone is more than enough to develop yourself (sounds logical, doesn't it?)

Good luck with it!
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Re: Djoshua Here

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indeed you are your best teacher. observe your body and mind, quietly sitting ive also found is tricky in the beginning but blossoms w/time. welcome
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