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Yes I agree, social conditioning is something we all need to get past. Not only are we seperated at a very young age: male and female, but it seems now days everyone is either "this" or "that". Lables can be so dangerous. It seems to me that society discourages "this" speaking with "that" and so on. We are all composed of the same matter. We are all equals. No matter where you are from, what you look like, rich or poor, male or female... ultimately we are all just humans, here experiencing Earth. Its a way to control people, getting us to stay un-united, scared of eachother and prejudice. I hope people open their eyes and ears sooner than later to figure this out. "Love one another". Its a good message.
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haven't read thoroughly yet but -

i think the reason less women are found on these topics is because of their gender being surpressed of certain stimuli which could lead them to such topics....

for instance, they are conditioned to either be more materialistic, or more emotional than men, and they don't get AS MUCH (on a massive scale) diversity in life-paths as men...even though they are just as equal at birth, society represses them from certain things
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I agree with you Pattern. One thing about women (at least the ones I've met) is that they tend to need security, a network of friends close by and money. This is by no means an insult as this type of behavior ensures security for bringing up a family.

Whilst most men I have would find it easier to go to a new land or environment for the pursuit of knowledge or understanding or just experience.

Because in the end one of the main things a woman looks for a in a man is his ability to provide material support (money) in order to look after her and her family, this is desirable and logical and which is encouraged by society.

Also I do believe that men have more opportunities in our world and even though women are meant to be equal in western countries they certainly aren't in some places like africa or the middle-east.
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I beg to differ.

The reason is simple, males value recognition more than females. Females would rather spend their leisure time chatting with another female over the phone, or just spend time doing something together. Forum activity is indirectly a form of recognition, where you get recognized for the posts you make, to a certain extent.

Same reason why many mothers cook (at least in the traditional society), but very few becomes a famous chef. They value the experience of sharing good things with family members, than the recognition of good cooking skills as a professional chef. Another reason is that, to be a professional chef requires a higher level of physical strength, which males are more suited to biologically.
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Females would rather spend their leisure time chatting with another female over the phone, or just spend time doing something together.
you just reminded me that I was supposed to call a friend tonight but instead I find myself on this forum :roll:

I think the reason why intelligent women don't become professionals or experts in their fields as much as men do is because of pregnancy and raising children. I know this is true among women training to become doctors. many of them quit the long hours to get married and start families instead. it's much more convenient to just be a nurse.
it's better these days, though, because of birth control. women can have a more balanced life of self-cultivation as well as reproduction. for example, if it weren't for birth control, I'd probably be pregnant by now and have no hope for a college education. Thiaooubians have the right idea by controlling exactly when they become pregnant.

but that still doesn't explain why there is a lack of females on this forum. I think it might be because Thiaoouba Prophecy seems like science-fiction, which is a more male oriented genre. females looking for the answers to life are more likely to read a book by Oprah, not some guy who got abducted by aliens. :D I guess that makes me different than most other girls. coincedently, as a child I always prefered to play with boy's toys like blocks and action figures instead of dolls.
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Aisin wrote:Females would rather spend their leisure time chatting with another female over the phone, or just spend time doing something together.
Speaking as a mother, we are just very busy. Wait until you have babies girls, get off the forum and get a life. :lol:
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Re: Women?

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sorry to break up your sausage fest guys ;) but im a girl. a little late to the party, but a girl nontheless! :help:
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