Immediate action to take: Change Your Password

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Immediate action to take: Change Your Password

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Dear friends,
We've issued a generalized e-mail warning you about the need to change your password immediately given a very serious exploit that has been found.
If you have doubts, comments, do please reply to this post.

Here's the text of the e-mail we sent:
Dear forum user,
It's been recently announced the finding of a critical vulnerability in an OpenSSL module that affects aproximately 66% of all existing Internet sites. This bug is called Heartbleed and you can read more about it here:
Given the unprecedented seriousness of the situation almost every site wasforced to take measures to ensure it's safe from this.
We at Golden Planet Forum have also taken the necessary actions to ensure we're safe, but for the cycle to be closed we need you to change your password, asap. If you have trouble finding your account settings page, click on "Board Index" -> "User Control Panel" -> "Profile" -> "Edit Account Settings" here's the direct link: ucp.php?i=profile&mode=reg_details
Although we have every reason to believe we haven't been exposed to this, we prefer to mitigate the risk even further... thus all the actions we've taken.
In addition to the above, here's a small article about some of the sites you may want to change password asap:
Take care,
The GoldenPlanetForum Admin Team
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