Re-introduction, Hi!

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Arki Akitepayo
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Re-introduction, Hi!

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Hi GP Forums, I'm glad you are all here standing.

For the last year I have been focusing on and off doing things related to TP, mostly for the sake of promoting it and help with more possible publications etc....effectively trying reactivate the book again, specially with Social Lizard Media being such a mind distraction for everyone.

Besides that, I thought that maybe I could share with you a an introduction about my TP story. It's a simple (and particular) as most of us here, I think, nothing too magical, first with a pdf or a loaned book, and then it stuck.

I won't develop that initial part, but I would like to share with you the part where I had my "click", and I went from "believing" to knowing.
I did not seek this. Or at least that was what I thought at the beginning.
In my case, in the past, years and years ago, I had some dreams that somehow or shocked or impressed me, vivid dreams for sure. I stopped having this kind of dreams mid 20's. Luckily wrote them down (or emailed them)....but eventually I forgot about them. My relationship to TP/GP was on and off, but reading it at least once a year.

In ~2017, I "asked to my higher self" if there's truth in all this. I just went down the challenge of trying to do this in a serious manner. Like Michel said to do. Eventually some simple but drop down accurate little things happened in a way that I was undoubtedly in front of a "response" that essentially said "Once you know you can't unknown". I won't go on details but the point was, I knew that that was the answer to my question, and more than that, felt like a sort of responsible warning, like this is a "one way trip".

This was again, left behind on my monkey-mind shelves.
By 2019 I find myself starting conversations with someone very enthusiastic and participant of TP, from not long after, the previous "response" showed up again, giving me a potent spine chill (it did scare me! for days!)

Not long after that, those previous dreams I took notes acquired a completely new meaning, and suddenly I understood what I was told. This was something personal, to me, to my everyday life and problems. There was nothing majestic or interplanetary about how things unfolded. But with it, no only "a friend" made me a service in such dream, but it effectively shed light regarding the truth I was seeking. There's not much point on detailing it, I can assure you that the impact that generated in me was maybe the strongest I ever had. W

This message is nothing about me coming up as an attention seeker or messiah-maniac, but of a simple someone that was suddenly shown that the Universe actually exists and works to serve me. I somehow whitnessed this "omnipotence" of the higher self, acting in absurdly beautiful ways, to serve me. I had the impression Michel wanted to show me (us?) this too.

But the biggest impact on all this was to also be served in clear direct evidence, that the opposite is also truth. I was undeniably shown that we have Freedom of Choice, and it is my obligation to actually use it.

Since then I had a "click" and I finally understood why the book begins with a "It's not enough to believe, you need to know". It has changed my entire life behaviour and aims.

I cannot unknow now. I asked for it, and I was served. So now I serve :)

I'm sharing this in hope to light up some of you at least, I already know this has happened to someone else, and I wonder if anyone else.....

Thanks for reading.
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Re: Re-introduction, Hi!

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Dear Arki,

That is a beautiful and inspiring message. Thank you!!!

It happened to me in a very similar way, although in different circumstances.

It is very wise not to disclose the particular details about your experience, it's enough to say it was personal, it made sense and provoked "chills down your spine". I had it too, on several occasions. Please don't ever allow those beautiful experiences to lie dormant as time passes and seek to deepen you call and answers. Everything can be achieved with perseverance a hard work. The day will come, when honest effort yields astonishing results. You'll know what I mean when you reach there. Also it's important not to feel discouraged by the tests that will come your way through life, some will be easy, others will be very hard. But, as taught by some Masters, if you keep your eyes on the mountain, even though you may have taken a difficult turn here or there, you'll make it.

Like me and you, many others have also awakened for this message. Glad we're all here, but there's work to be done both individual and collectively. It's our role to find out what and how to do it :sunny:
Arki Akitepayo
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Re: Re-introduction, Hi!

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What a great reply, quality stuff.
I'm glad it was clear that this was not about my particular story, but about these cascades of events that eventually aligns into answers, paths, revelations. It's a voice, a language of some sort.

In my case it showed me what you just pointed out, how forgetting or not paying enough attention to these greys us out, we lose purpose, aim. Also I understand what you mean regarding the yield, more than often these things can be carried on for decades and in silence, but there's a goal to it.

Thank you for the mountain analogy, my particular case started back in ~1999, with a dream about a mountain....
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