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Hi guys,

I just watched a YT video of Michel talking about the higher self and the different bodies. It appeared inconsistent with what he said in the book.

In the book he talks about the 9 different bodies:
1. Physical
2. Astral
3. Fluidic
4. Physiological
5. Psychic
6. Astropsychic
7. ?
8. ?
9. ?

I think I have forgotten one or two. I thought a couple were left out of the book, too.

In the Youtube video he talks about:
1. Physical
2. Etheric
3. Causal
4. Karmic
5. Fluidic
6. Mental

This is probably the biggest inconsistency I have found between the contents of the book and his online interviews. A bit concerning for me!
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Re: Contradiction?

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It’s inconsistent in that various topics in the interview are casually mixed And within a short time. But it is only a summary explanation of important topics; for us to study ourselves. Listen and observe carefully, see the excitement and eagerness to share and the search for words, while thoughts are already at the next topic. Fast thinking people knowing several languages can sometimes have this issue which hampers communication. Let’s forgive any fellow earth-born human being for the imperfections in their communications.

Hence; I refer to the book if I have a need for clarification. ‘the spoken word vanishes, but the written word remains’.
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