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Re: Drugs

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Is the natural herb like marijuana, hemp, etc (that contains hallucinogenic property), when not mixed with chemicals or other dangerous toxin considered as the drug mentioned in TP and therefore dangerous to our astral body?
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Re: Drugs

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I have to be honest enough to consider that for example Alcohol is much more dangerous than so called "light drugs" primarily because is accepted and even promoted socially to such a point that most people consider socializing or having fun to get high on alcohol, THIS IS providing false information to the astral body is it not? And it MUST remove your astral body from where it is supposed to be, not only people can't remember what they have done they also dont make any sense when speaking...
So I have to at least consider this possibility.
Regarding light drugs Bathin, they are not as dangerous as TRUE hallucinogenic drugs like LSD based drugs ( MD MA is an example ) but they do provide false information, for example if you insist on smoking weed to relax you are basically teaching yourself that: relaxation can only occur if you smoke a joint, short: you erase the possibility on your own MIND that you don't need any joint to relax, or whatever is the reason you or anyone smokes weed or any light drug.

So yes they are dangerous just not to the point of reversing YOURSELF to a point of animality.. This does not eliminate the FACT that it is totally contrary to Nature.

To me is as simple as this, if people consider pot hax or cannabis as hallucinogenic drug then please consider putting alcohol on a 50-fold danger.

Truly dangerous hallucinogenic drugs are those derived of LSD and artificially made, their aim and purpose is to create artificial feelings and artificial states mainly because people loose almost all control of their bodies and mind, it comes to my mind "trance parties" where people either roll over on the floor hallucinating their are swimming in whatever, or those that say "who knows what in their minds" is in the trees, spending the whole night looking at a piece of manure saying its a work of art.......... etc..

It also comes to my mind the 60's 70's with its "peace trippers" generation that attained "enlightenment" through acids...

I agree with Buddha and Tom, we should avoid perception altering substances although the earth is a big planet and we are all born simple and ignorant and people make mistakes and most of the time unaware of them.

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Re: Drugs

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Bathin wrote:Is the natural herb like marijuana, hemp, etc (that contains hallucinogenic property), when not mixed with chemicals or other dangerous toxin considered as the drug mentioned in TP and therefore dangerous to our astral body?
The short answer is yes. People who frequently take high doses of alcohol, have been observed and known to hallucinate not unlike those people who frequently use mild hallucinogens like the ones you mentioned, and to understate their effect by comparing them with LSD and the likes is simply and plainly wrong and a lie people like to tell themselves and nothing more than ridiculous excuses to continue to indulge in their own stupid ways of experiencing a life free of any kind of responsibility toward their spiritual development.

All diseases (including psychological illnesses) are caused by disturbing the balance of the systems in your 9 bodies, and regarding mind altering, psychoactive, psychedelic and the hallucinogens the only difference is in how severely they disturb the balance of the natural amounts of DMT and Melatonin (just to name a few of the more apparent physical factors) that your body is so perfectly designed to provide for you based on your natural needs (your spiritual advancement included).

I've seen people who like to say that it's okay to smoke weed and cannabis because nature provides it, but they don't stop to consider that if they truly are such avid proponents of nature then they should learn how their functions first before making such ridiculous conclusions.
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Re: Drugs

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Nature also provides Lava, sounds nice.
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Re: Drugs

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sept 2009 study on mdma neurotoxicity pd/pk:


glad I never got near this ***, i mean LOOK at what it does!! if only people knew what these things actually did ...
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bomohwkl wrote:Hallucinogenic drugs are harmful. They are toxic. They upset your neuro-biochemical balance. Not only they are physically harmful but frequent use of such drugs has no doubt will result in addiction.

Could someone who is addicted to hallucigenic drugs progress spiritually? Can they think and act coherently when they are drugged? Can they involve in intellectually challenging task if their minds are focussed on getting another 'high' from such drugs?
A close examination of intelligent people who are addicted to drugs at their latter life serves an excellent revealation on how drugs affect one's mind.

We don't know much about astral body at scientific level. Bring astral body into the questions will not go further into the answers we are seeking. Much knowledge is needed.

I usually ignore emotionally provoking news that are very difficult to verify. I have lived in two culturally different countries. In my opinion, foreign news nowadays are rather unrealiable and strongly biased.
Not to be condoning drug use but you obviously know little about hallucinogens. It is true that they will make you. spiritually regress but physically they are the safest drugs of all drug categories. And they are not addictive whatsoever.
What happens with most psychedelics is that your consciousness becomes less influenced by dimensions which can make a person increase his spirituality a lot. There is no easier way to learn then taking psychedelics but you will regress al lot when you reincarnate. Your close examination must have been on a differenent group of drugs. Yes, when people dont use them in a good mindset or in a place with bad influence they might go temporarily insane instead of learning anything, thats true. alexander shulgin made psychedelics besides lsd, psilocybin mushshrooms and mescaline, to name the most known, popular all across the world. By writing two books on how to synthesize about 200 phenethylamines and tryptamines. He died before he could release his next book. But this whole world is addicted to drugs at the moment. Even in this psychiatry they give me a bunch of medicine daily. Most of which i throw away. But these antipsychotics make me fat :(
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Re: Drugs

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This is a reminder on the important topic of drugs. Page 114: "it must be understood that they have an influence that is totally against Nature."

(below is my observation)
In recent years the topic of drug use And "induce states of euphoria or artificial paradise" has been debated with regularity by various public speakers, academics and scientists on social media, documentaries and films. Some having millions of followers. These so called influencers, due to their popular speaking and reasoning methods display a sense of authority on a scale not seen before. Their most common and enthusiastic narrative on this particular topic is moving in a direction of positive effects of use.

Do I follow any influential person who discussed about topics of drugs and its use etc.?

The question is here to give yourself a reminder.
When you come across social media contents, documentaries, films etc. related to drugs, take a moment and consider: What can I do to focus the discussion on the dangers? Does the person explaining the topic know about the dangers?

Page 114: "drugs should be avoided at all costs."
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