Thiaooubans Among Us?

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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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Well... upon re-reading some parts of the book, I have to recant and say that some of what I had written in a previous post wasn't as accurate as I had thought, so I'd like to offer some correction.

Baby Jesus was a 'superior being', much like the superior being that incarnated as Moses, but there was no name given to this person. However, the fetus that was implanted in Mary was most likely a very special fetus - one that would allow for this superior being to be incarnated at this 'lower level'.

Moses was an 8th level planet (Naxiti) inhabitant named Xioxtin that had recently died, and was to be incarnated on Thiaoouba. He was offered to be the Liberator of the Hebrews, and accepted that 'assignment'. While he had been shown a preview of his life as Moses while in Astral body, he had to pass through the 'River of Oblivion' (birth passage'), and thus did not remember this preview. However, he was a 'superior being', and his Aural body still held the knowledge imparted during the preview, thus, he instinctively 'knew what he had to do', without actually 'Knowing'. From this, it can be seen that baby Jesus also, probably, 'knew' some things that were important, but had no 'direct' knowledge. Thus the longevity of his life, and the reverence given to him by the locals in Japan.

Adult Jesus, on the other hand, was indeed a Thiaoouban who had agreed to come to Earth to help humankind understand that there is a life beyond this one, as that concept had been abandoned by most people at that time. This Thiaoouban's name was Aarioc, and he abandoned his hermaphrodite body, so as to inhabit the adult body specifically created by the Thaori for his use on Earth as Jesus. Since he didn't pass through the 'River', he retained All his knowledge as a Thiaoouban, and put it to use so as to convince humankind of the Eternal Nature of the Aural Self, and it's inherit power. While this body was killed, other Thiaoouban's came and 'resurrected' this body so that it would further prove the timeless nature of an individual's Aural Self.

That this physical body was retained on Thiaoouba, just as other 'saviors' had been in the Golden Doko, points to both the reverence given to these personages, but also may point to some special attributes held by these bodies that the Thiaoouban's didn't wish for anybody to know about. As to reverence, by retaining these bodies also allowed the Thiaooubans to show to other 'special guests', like Michel, the validity of the narrative being promoted.

What attributes or 'programming' would be necessary for a body to allow for a Thiaoouban aura to inhabit it is up for conjecture, although I do have some 'insight' as to some possibilities. I'll suggest it is part genetic, and part physical.

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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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If you re read the book they mentioned that they can reduce their size. It means that they come directly rather than through an incarnation. I suspect the new uprising that happens may have their hand in it. (Occupy wall street for example)
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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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9 days restrictions is only upwards. Otherwise Hebrews would have died when they accidentally landed here. Only upward is restricted. Downward only has an issue with adjusting here. (See an example given in Thiaoouba Prophecy itself)
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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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yes, of course :sunny:
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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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The essence of Consciousness, is the ability to Create, Process, Transmit and Receive Information Autonomously.
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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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I am somewhat unsure, but I will still share one of my experiences.

Last year, at the June of 2016, I had seen somebody, who might, or might not have been a Thiaoouban.

I have been walking, when I have seen a young woman walking in the opposite direction. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, was tall, but certainly not taller then 190cm. Her face was certainly very pretty.

Now, I would expect a Thiaoouban to wear as plain clothes as possible, and to has straight hair, as described by Michel.
I remember well that she was wearing a scarf, and had her hair at the left side of her head. Her clothes definitely looked terrestrial, and was neither extravagant, nor the simplest.

What was strange, is that when I had her in my vision, I could see a little blur around her. Such things happened other times as well, during dreams, or when my mind/higher self wants to *censor* something. I cannot explain it better, nor do I understand it completely.

When she was close to me she said something, it sounded like "hello" but I am not sure which language it was told. She did not talk into a phone.
Directly when she walked past me, and when she was closest and right next to me, the *blur* has become very strong, and for a moment I could have sweared she was at least 250cm tall. I am not sure how, perhaps I have seen another shape in the blur, but I just felt it.

After that, I have stopped in my steps and for a few seconds, just stand frozen. When I turned around, she was nowhere.
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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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interesting experience, thank you for sharing.
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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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The following segment is from "Robert Hastings, Bob Jacobs: Confession our hidden alien encounters revealed" p225

One night then in 1973, around one o’clock in the morning, my head swimming in the sea of verbal garbage, I told my story of the Big Sur incident.
My silence was broken.
My immediate audience of, maybe a couple hundred night-owls, likely adrift in the heady aroma of Humboldt County ganja, dropped silent at first as I concluded with the dummy warhead tumbling into the great ocean.
Then the phone lines came alive. I’d hit a nerve. Even my boss, Program Director Richard Van Pelt phoned in. I thought at first that I might be fired.
Instead, Rick revealed his own long-kept secret encounter in the Air Force.
He had been an Air Policemen in the ‘60s. One day he and others in his squadron were ordered to fly to an emergency situation overseas. They loaded into a C-130 aircraft, dressed in hot weather gear and went airborne. Some hours into their flight, they were rerouted. They landed at Thule Air Force Base in Greenland. After being outfitted with new cold weather gear, they were armed and shuttled out to the stationary sites where B-52 bombers carrying nuclear weapons stood ready. Rick and his partner were located to stand guard at a remote pad overlooked by a large hill. This is the story he told that night:

My partner and I were standing beside the B-52 when we both saw the figure of a man walk up over the hill and look at us. He just stood there. I guessed it was a native. He was tall, had long, blond hair and was dressed in a tight-fitting blue ski suit. I told my partner to go over and see what he wanted while I stood with my rifle at the ready. My partner walked up next to the guy and it was apparent then he was quite tall. After a few minutes my partner headed back toward me, but he looked weird. He dragged his rifle in the snow. When he got to me he just kept going. I had to stop him. I asked what the guy said. My partner mumbled, “His mouth didn’t move, but he told me that we had to stop messing with nuclear weapons.”

At that point Rick said he looked over toward the hill. The figure was gone. In a moment, he saw a saucer-shaped craft rise slowly up and over the hilltop. It hovered briefly, then shot off into the sky and disappeared. Both Rick and his partner were picked up shortly afterward by the Air Police and taken to a building where they were separated. Rick never saw his partner again. He left the service shortly thereafter.
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Re: Thiaooubans Among Us?

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Quite interesting
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