Do you want to change our current monetary system? Do you want to be involved in a project to INSPIRE billions of people by providing CONTRAST through EXAMPLIFYING yourself that a prosperous civilisation can be founded based on UNIVERSAL LAWS?

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Re: Start?

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That's great steppeswolf, you obviously have that goal in mind and I wish you well in your endeavors. I one day hope to be in a similar situation, living off the land and all that.

There is still great expanses of wild land yet in Russia, for dirt cheap as well. Just an another option...
Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.

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Re: Start?

Post: # 10648Post SteppesWolf »

Thank you.
And yes in fact, the Eurasian steppes were one of the first ideas that came to my mind. Though the land is somewhat harsh and inhospitable in nature, if i figure out how exactly the indigenous people manage to survive through it i should be able to do it myself with proper planning and application.
One of the main characteristics of the steppes is the huge temperature difference between day and night, summer and winter. In the northern areas, on a sunny day were the temperature can reach about 30c it could reach subzero temperatures in the same night.
However the steppes closer to the Caspian region do have a more tempered weather and can in fact support some form of agriculture.
Much of the steppe has excellent soil and it is a major grain-producing region.
There are also several small tropical islands i have found during my research but tropical weather is really not my thing... At all.
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Re: Start?

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First of all Hello to everyone! this is my first post :D . Ive been reading, and i understand that some people dont really see the point on getting out of the system and live independently. i have a "project" with my cousin and my friend. we are going to start living this way in Cusco Peru, where my friend has some land. (sorry about my english, i know is far from perfect.). It is a Beutiful place, and it inspire a lot of people who develop their spirituality. i wont get into detail, because there is no need to in these particular discussion, but i am going to say that it will happend, and soon. Maybe at the end of the year. i mean at the end of the year we will start building our house. Land around there is VERY cheap, and is SOOO beautiful!! its all green, there is a lot of water, the city of Cuzco its about 1 hour ad a half in a car, 2 hours in bus. The place is called Harin, in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.
Any comments or questions, please shoot.
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Re: Start?

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It sounds interesting, but how large is your friend's land? I ask it because for self-sufficiency some place is needed to grow food.Otherwise good luck, it ay be the first step.
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Re: Start?

Post: # 12827Post teradactyl »

the last post in this thread was in 2006. what have you all done since then to move in the right direction?
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Re: Start?

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backyard garden. online and offline networking for off grid communities. however the real-world aspect is admittedly slow-going. I had a few opportunities where I thought "hey this is it, this is the place!" only to later realize the capacity or options to move weren't there.

to have a physical community that wont involve pooling sizable startup monetary investment [which I dont have as i dont make a lot], or otherwise resources is unavoidable, and it seems that either some folks just dont want to do it, and others are either too far away physically to get there, or, to make such a drastic change in ones life, with no real way "back" is a big pill to swallow.

meaning, if something in planning stage were to go wrong and somehow prevent continuance of said offgrid or agriculturally sound community, there would be no employment fall back that is readily obtainable - especially in current "economic" realities.

that said, I can recommend a few off grid community resounces online.,, are a few im sure have been mentioned, theres a facebook group called 'off the grid community project'. I also back when living in mesa Az few years ago, had a friend who was going to start a community but for timing reasons, I had nearly no$ left, and she hadn't gotten ready quite yet for some time and when I moved back to NJ, then I hear it started getting off the ground. Or something to that effect. Anyway, that mirrors the above reasons perhaps.

And im sure theres other resources Im not aware of yet. some i am, that havent mentioned [like earthships, rocket mass heaters, anything on].
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Re: Start?

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The global spiritual and moral catastrophe has not deepened enough.
It is impossible for me at this moment to move in the right direction when moving into the wrong direction is not yet explored to it's fullest purpose.
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Re: Start?

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im learning so much even from my backyard garden, on what works and what does not work.

i shudder to think, knowing how bad things are now, how much worse it could become. Im not too crazy about that part.

I considered wwooofing for a while. [worldwide opportunities on organic farms]. But living off the land on my own, this is a true test of self sufficiency, I currently fall short of [if i were to go and do it, right now] in several important areas. I may just go, and, 'wwooof'. :lol:
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Re: Start?

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I've written my ideas on how we could have a new spiritually oriented civilization in the Manifesto chapter of my free eBook Simple Truths of Life

(It's a long chapter, so it's best to link to the book. I've covered many of these topics in my videos, so I'll briefly just link to them also for those who's interested.)

I understand that perhaps it's not as simple. Mainly due to skepticism. So, I think for now we need to focus on proving that many things of which Michel Desmarquet says in his book are true (Auras, Astral body, etc). I have a video on several ways of doing that. This will show people that at least some content in Michel's book is true. That could lead to people realizing the whole book can and is true. But this could be a long process taking decades or even centuries. It depends on us a lot too.

Also I've recorded some of my telekinesis sessions which show and prove that telekinesis is real. If the need arises I'm willing to try to prove telekinesis is real in public (with no wind) and on cameras (of course, I'd have to train and be healthy).

I'm also seeing from my experiences that there's a lot of separation and disagreement between people who have found Thiaoouba - even on the topics which Thiaooubians gave us answers to! So this also should be addressed. Interestingly, I feel like this separation could be due to the fact that many people believe Thiaoouba could be true, but they don't (yet) KNOW it is true! And that leads me back to the aforementioned paragraph about the need to prove the content in Michel Desmarquet's book Thiaoouba: The Golden Planet is true.
"Faith is never perfect but knowledge is" - Thao
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