My experience finding my past lives - Reincarnation

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My experience finding my past lives - Reincarnation

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I was able to find several of my past lives. In one of them I was the actress Vivien Leigh, and in another I was Mary Magdalene, which is the reason - I'm sure - why in this life I have been having my experiences with people from Thiaoouba (Thao, and also Biastra and Latoli). Synchronicities and a true dream guided me to my past life (it became true dream after I confirmed I was the person the dream said I was).

Since books were written about that past life of mine, I was able to confirm (find evidence, if you will) that it is indeed my past life because:
- I have suffered in this life for the errors done in the past life. Some of the related events (cause and effect; or me making a mistake in my past life and me suffering for it in my current life) of two lives are extremely similar. (We know from TP we have to suffer for our errors)
- I have very similar psychology. (From TP we know psyche, being part of the Astral Body, never dies. It's also understood from what Thiaooubians told us via Michel that psychic body contains some data, and if it's poor it can influence our physical appearance. Unfortunately I know it to be true from personal experience.)
- I have pretty much identical spiritual knowledge, and identical lack of spiritual knowledge - and it should be said that I lived another short 17-year-old life between my current life and my Vivien's life; so some spiritual knowledge might have been gained in that life too. (Spiritual knowledge isn't erased in the river of oblivion, which allows us to do a sanity check whether we could be the person a dream, in this case, says we were)
- I have found a lot more synchronicities with Vivien - another indicator I was/am her and my dream was true.
- It's also very important that I have what I call 'movie reflections' in Vivien's movies with certain important episodes of my life. It's actually what made me fully accept I was/am Vivien Leigh.
- I'll add I had many more dreams either clearly stating I was Vivien Leigh in my past life, or hinting on that fact. Since at this time there's no doubt I was, it's safe to say those dreams were true also.

Later I'd discover that I can ask my Higher Self a question and sometimes get the answer in my dream (my Vivien Leigh dream experiences proved that the method is accurate and gives [me at least; almost no one else tried this method] accurate information). You will see the details of that experience in the documents I link below. It's something other people may try to do also, and it doesn't have to be the answer about your past life. I was able to gain some little insights into the spiritual side of life thanks to this method.
And if you're able to have lucid dreams, you can ask your Higher Self a question withing that lucid dream too. I did and got some answers also.

I list almost all of my findings and notes in the documents I share. They can be useful for someone who wants to study reincarnation. But please keep in mind I wrote down almost everything I noticed and I do understand that some of the things I wrote down may be of no connection to reincarnation. I still have a lot to learn about my past lives and reincarnation before I - hopefully - will be able to sift through my notes.


This free e-book contains the same information as the video, but without certain photo evidence. ... inary-book

My Experiences which led me to finding Thiaoouba Prophecy book and then learning it's a true book when I started having my experiences with Thao. Since it relates to this topic of reincarnation, I'll share the link to it here also.
"Faith is never perfect but knowledge is" - Thao
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