Psychic eyes

Holds abstracts of articles on meditation, telepathy, out-of-body experience, telekinesis, qi-gong, etc. that have been published in scientific journals. The full papers can be accessed via your own national library or university.

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Psychic eyes

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Title: Bioelectrographic correlates of the direct vision phenomenon
Author(s): Korotkov KG, Bundzen PV, Bronnikov VM, Lognikova LU
Document Type: Article
Language: English
Cited References: 16 Times Cited: 0
Abstract: Objectives: A method for training children and adults to perceive visual information without using the eyes has been developed. A study was conducted to investigate the correlation of this perceptual capacity, known as direct vision (DV), with bioelectrographic measurements.
Design: Using the technique of dynamic digital gas-discharge visualization (GDV) bioelectrography, seven subjects were tested on three occasions over a 7-month period while they were in the process of reading information from a computer screen and reading printed text; this testing was repeated after an interval of 2 years.
Results: In Multiple trials it was found that with the perception of information by DV, curves of GDV versus time exhibited specific dynamics, confirming the phenomenon of DV. At least three types of GDV characteristics can be distinguished in this state. This study also identified improvements in the psychosomatic state of children during the 7-month course of training in DV.
Conclusions: The phenomenon of DV presents a newly recognized type of human information processing. It is based on a specific type of mental training that is statistically reproducible and has been assimilated by hundreds of children in Russia who are blind or have poor vision. The discovery of DV opens new perspectives in the study of the mechanisms of consciousness. The GDV characteristics that were observed during the perception of information by DV support the hypothesis that DV occurs through signals within the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. These results allow the proposal of a hypothesis for the way in which the brain, as well as the human system as a whole, registers information
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The discovery of DV opens new perspectives in the study of the mechanisms of consciousness.
The discovery?? Direct vision, or whatever you might call it, is known to a few throughout recorded history. In other words, they have simply created a new term for an old thing. It already existed. Shamans knew it, yogi's knew it, sages knew it, witches knew it, and the list goes on. It is a shame they didn't draw the connection. But I guess that is because their is much prejudice on the paranormal.
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