Girl, 7 shields mother from gunman

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Girl, 7 shields mother from gunman

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Learning-disabled Detroit child hailed as hero after getting hit with six bullets, blinded in one eye

December 18, 2007
Corey Williams

DETROIT–As the gunman was about to open fire, 7-year-old Alexis Goggins lunged from the back seat of the SUV and threw herself across her mom, crying, "Don't hurt my mother!"

Six bullets from the handgun slammed into Alexis, one piercing her right eye. Two slugs hit her mother.

Alexis's mother pulled through. But two weeks later, Alexis lies in critical condition, blind in one eye. To her classmates and many in a city depressingly familiar with violence, the little girl is a hero.

"She was trying to save me," her mother, Seliethia Parker, 30, said yesterday. "My baby is just an angel to her mother. I thought as the mother, I'd be saving my child. I never thought my daughter would be saving me."

Quite a remarkable story.
I guess it goes to show that even though some people are "different", they're still capable of doing good.

Full article here :
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oh my god thats just...whoa.
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that`s that news....
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Yes I heard of this, something good in the news for once...
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i got emotional and I wasn't even wearing my auric shirt.

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I got emotional and I wasn't even wearing my auric shirt. An amazing story. So brave.
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Re: Girl, 7 shields mother from gunman

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What kind of a sick b****** would shoot at a child and its mother? :x I hope the gunman rots in jail. They didn't deserve this. Sadly this kind of a thing happens way too often these days.
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