Observations and questions about the third eye

Discussion on technology and how it could be used to assist spiritual development and NOT enslave us. This includes technology that will help us live in harmony with Nature (e.g.: "Lifter" technologies that could replace the petrol driven engine). Also, discussion of past and current scientific thought so that gems are not buried in the sands of time, and spiritual progress through science is achieved.

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Observations and questions about the third eye

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Could someone explain why does my girlfriend gets uncomfortable if an object gets closer to her forehead or the third eye area?
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Re: Observations and questions about the third eye

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I'd like to know this as well. Me and my friend often get this kind of feeling.
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Re: Observations and questions about the third eye

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This kind of feeling can be felt not only on the forehead, but on our whole body surface.
I think that it happen because of the information exchange between your body and the environment, and it can be felt more intensively near the chakras because they are the main information filters.
It does not necceserily have to be an uncomfortable feeling, I think it is instictive, like when your hand is in fire.
From my personal experience children can feel it more intensively, especially on the 7th chakra.

I don't quite know, however why is the feeling near the 3rd eye is even more intensive than on the other chakras.
Also, I could see my 3rd eye from within, while I cannot see the other chakras.
Does anyone else has a similar experience?
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