Subatomic particles break the speed of light at CERN

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Subatomic particles break the speed of light at CERN

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It seems Man is one more step closer to the truth...
Physicists were stupified when, during an experiment involving the events that happen inside supernovae, some subatomic particles called neutrinos travelled 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light. Deeming it "impossible", they fought to find errors in their calculations and procedures and found none.
So now, the scientific community at CERN has published the results and is hosting a conference at CERN (today at 4pm, Zurich time), so that other scientists can offer their expertise and perhaps find out why something is travelling faster than the speed limit imposed by Einstein. If indeed there are no mistakes in the experiment, Einstein's theory of special relativity is a no-go, as is the iconic E=mc2 formula. Basically, it could pose the beginning of the end of modern physics.
But, of course, we already knew all this. :wink:

The conference starts at 4pm, Zurich time, webcast service is available here: ... fId=155620
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Re: Subatomic particles break the speed of light at CERN

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yes, we already knew all this :)

:lol: my thoughts have always been faster than the speed of light, therefor it was difficult to notice them.
Einstein was but one stone on the path, even his name says so ;)
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