A 9th planet in our solar system

Discussion on technology and how it could be used to assist spiritual development and NOT enslave us. This includes technology that will help us live in harmony with Nature (e.g.: "Lifter" technologies that could replace the petrol driven engine). Also, discussion of past and current scientific thought so that gems are not buried in the sands of time, and spiritual progress through science is achieved.

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A 9th planet in our solar system

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Evidence of a Ninth Planet >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6poHQ2h00ZA

Perhaps not so excited news for us here, however it may provide another information piece as to reverting back to the number 9.

Article here >> http://www.caltech.edu/news/caltech-res ... anet-49523

Anyway must be a category 1 planet, I'm not so interest in those ;)
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