my quik explanation of the big bang

Discussion on technology and how it could be used to assist spiritual development and NOT enslave us. This includes technology that will help us live in harmony with Nature (e.g.: "Lifter" technologies that could replace the petrol driven engine). Also, discussion of past and current scientific thought so that gems are not buried in the sands of time, and spiritual progress through science is achieved.

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my quik explanation of the big bang

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"first" "there" "was" nothing.
since nothing is nothing it is worth noting that there were also no dimensions hence the "".
"then" "there" "was" intelligence.
Since there was no dimensions, the effect is that the intelligence becomes perfect.
that intelligence being what thiaoouba called the great spirit.
As a result, perfect intelligence was smart enough to create our universe and let it evolve and everything else that happens in it.

Now don't ask me how to create a universe :/

i thought this up when i was 18 and still think the same but wonder what other their thoughts would be and or if they could possibly explain parts further or proof scientifically further what i mentioned in a mathematical way or something.

okay, bye for now
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