Why We Do Not Consider Lost Continents Seriously

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Why We Do Not Consider Lost Continents Seriously

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I'd like to to share what I think is the biggest reason why nobody has searched seriously for remains of Atlantis or Mu yet.
It is because the uniformist theory of gradual change (as opposed to the rivalling catastrophist theory) in Earth geology has been enforced in the late 1960's by the total, but still not rigorously justified, acceptance of continental drift theory. Of course, continental drift and plate tectonics do exist, but they are falsely pushed as the "explains everything below the earth" theory. Again humanity pretends to know too much without the humility of looking back and learning from history. Past written records are ridiculed as totally primitive, because it is thought that humanity has only relatively recently descended from the apes. Continental drift and plate tectonics, being gradual processes, naturally suggests uniformism. Thus, even today, when earthquakes or volcanoes happen, only plate tectonics are narrow-mindedly stated as a cause in research and the newspapers alike, the same is evident from encyclopaedic entries on earthquakes and volcanoes, too. If gas escapes as a result of such events, it is mentioned solely as a byproduct or a minor cause at best, never a major one. Indeed, how could entire continents disappear in minutes, hours or days, just like that? The slowness of plate tectonics can never explain the overnight disappearance of entire continents. So, experts have made people think that such a scenario is not possible. After all, nobody has seen it to happen in our short recorded history. Since they largely believe in only what they see, they match their theories to suit what they see. Thus, the impossibility of geological catastrophies on the scale needed for the disappearances of entire continents is exactly what most people believe in nowadays, and has been voiced very often in recent (year 2004) discussions I have read on one mostly crazy computer-news-oriented site, Slashdot which, however, attracts a huge amount of visitors, and elsewhere. When in this forum we are discussing cataclysmic sinkings, disappearances, planetary blasts, etc., we should always remember that most people around us are not even considering the possibility of such big changes happening overnight, because catastrophism is not commonly taught in schools and universities.
But then what could be the true causes of such large-scale catastrophies?
In our more recent times, the answer has been first suggested by Churchward (I'm sorry for pushing his name again here, but I cannot help it for it must indeed be noted. See "Cosmic Forces of Mu", especially volume 2). The gist of Churchward's explanation for the destruction of Mu and Atlantis is bursted gas (gaseous) belts deep under most of the planetary surface, which are part of the natural order in the formation of planets. Natural (and sometimes not so natural, global warming anyone?) conditions burst the chambers due to escaping gas, and the surface of the planet above them collapses into newly opened voids. In the case of Atlantis and Mu, the waters, as well as ejected and surrounding matter, have filled the voids, sometimes only shallows and small islands remaining (see Plato, and the Pacific islands). Again, our geologists do not believe that this is possible to happen within mere moments on the scale of entire continents. A few maverick researchers seem to have only recently started to look seriously at this possibility. How many years need to pass before a proper search is conducted?
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Some of you probably know what the search conducted closest to the real location has been, albeit done by accident in the beginning. Recenly (2000), a commercial company looking for treasures using sonar technology found something strange off Cuba. This is the Paulina Zelitsky case I have mentioned elsewhere on the forum.

Here are some noteable paragraphs on from http://www.crystalinks.com/atlantiscuba.html. The same article and a few related articles are present on a lot of more popular sources, if CrystalLinks is not dependable enough for some.
December 6, 2001 - Reuters

Explorers using a miniature submarine to probe the sea floor off the coast of Cuba said on Thursday they had
confirmed the discovery of stone structures deep below the ocean surface that may have been built by an
unknown human civilization thousands of years ago.

Researchers with a Canadian exploration company said they filmed over the summer ruins of a possible
submerged ``lost city'' off the Guanahacabibes Peninsula on the Caribbean island's western tip. The
researchers cautioned that they did not fully understand the nature of their find and planned to return in
January for further analysis, the expedition leader said on Thursday.

The explorers said they believed the mysterious structures, discovered at the astounding depth of around
2,100 feet and laid out like an urban area, could have been built at least 6,000 years ago. That would be
about 1,500 years earlier than the great Giza pyramids of Egypt.

``It's a really wonderful structure which looks like it could have been a large urban center,'' said
Soviet-born Canadian ocean engineer Paulina Zelitsky, from British Columbia-based Advanced Digital
Communications (ADC).

Zelitsky said the structures may have been built by unknown people when the current sea-floor actually was
above the surface. She said volcanic activity may explain how the site ended up at great depths below the
Caribbean Sea.

In July 2000, ADC researchers using sophisticated side-scan sonar equipment identified a large underwater
plateau with clear images of symmetrically organized stone structures that looked like an urban development
partly covered by sand. From above, the shapes resembled pyramids, roads and buildings, they said.

This past July, ADC researchers, along with the firm's Cuban partner and experts from the Cuban Academy of
Sciences, returned to the site in their ship ``Ulises.'' They said they sent a miniature, unmanned submarine
called a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) down to film parts of the 7.7-square-mile area.

Those images confirmed the presence of huge, smooth, cut granite-like blocks in perpendicular and circular
formations, some in pyramid shapes, the researchers said. Most of the blocks, measuring between about 6.5
and 16 feet in length, were exposed, some stacked one on another, the researchers said.

Others were covered in sediment and the fine, white sand that characterizes the area, the researchers said.

The intriguing discovery provided evidence that Cuba at one time was joined to mainland Latin America via a
strip of land from the Yucatan Peninsula, the researchers said.

``There are many new hypotheses about land movement and colonialization, and what we are seeing here should
provide very interesting new information,'' Zelitsky said.

P.S. As you can read in articles floating around the web, Zelitsky and her associates admit that this could be remains of Atlantis, but they do not think that the remains could be very old. They think that Plato has made a tenfold error in translating the Egyptian information about Atlantis mentioned in his dialogues. According to Michel's book, Atlantis sank only a couple of thousand years earlier than what is written in Plato's dialogues, so the Egyptian records seem to be about right! Of course, that was the time of the sinking, who knows how old those structures could be, given that 30,000 years ago, again according to Michel's book, Atlantis was a very developed colony.
It is also strange why a more recent update from the last one during 2002, which involved also National Geographic, has not been done yet. What are they waiting for, for the Atlantic ocean to evaporate?
Now, while writing this, I just discovered the answer here: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/news/732113/posts, see end of page. (At the start of the page there's a "X marks the spot" of the discovery on a map image.)
If any organizations or individuals are interested in helping fund the several million dollars needed to accomplish the deep underwater research of the Cuban megalithic site, Paulina Zelitsky and Paul Weinzweig suggest writing to:

Sylvia Earle,
National Geographic Society
1145 17th Street N. W.
Washington, D. C. 20036
You now know where to send your donations :).

P.S. There is more info in USENET, too.

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September 9, 2005.
New developments with Paulina Zelitsky and her team have occurred in 2005. Please see the topic "Sunken Continent of Mu Near Cuba Discovered?" in this forum ("General History: Events and Lessons") for them. As updates accumulate, they are going to be consolidated in a dedicated topic.
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Some large images:

Explore the other links and interviews on the above site for more related information about the discovery.
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I think its because the majority of people have failed to heed the advice of he whom they worship. Put aside the mother and the father. The immerse themselfs so much in the monetary system. The only value they can recgonize comes in the form of riches of the wallet rather then the mind. I think they could care less. Especially if it were true it would force them to think about it.

Although there are quite a few imaginative, creative people whom are truly intrested in the subjects. They are over shadowed by those whom cannot see anything past their sad materialistic exsistance for what ? 50-90 some earth years ?
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The complete dismissal of catastrophism is evident in alternative theories, too. So indeed it turns out that the lost continents, e.g. Atlantis, are not searched for simply because they could not have sunk, ever! We are in 2004, XXIst century, but geology seems to be still in the dark ages...

See "Atlantis in the Andes" at http://www.aethyrea.com/aethyrea.com/chap9c.html.
Plato tells us that "in a single day of misfortune, the island of Atlantis disappeared in the depths of the sea." Given the evidence of modern geology, it is hard to conceive of how an entire continent, or even a very large island, could become completely submerged beneath the ocean. Even extreme theories, such as crustal displacement, can't account for a complete disappearance. We would do better to interpret Plato's statement as being a description of a vast tidal wave that brought the depths of the sea to Atlantis, than to insist on a literal sunken continent.
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For more discussion about Mu and the planetary gas chamber belts, see the topic "The Coming Disasters" in the "Natural Environment and Ecology" forum.
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