Larger Black & White Book Illustrations

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Larger Black & White Book Illustrations

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When I was finishing translation of "Thiaoouba Prophecy" in 2001, Tom sent me a package with large-format versions of some (not all) illustrations available on his site. Unfortunately, both of us lost those large versions subsequently. The large images supplied here are the only known remnants because of a presentation material I supplied to a prospective publisher. I am so sorry that the large version of Thao's image has been lost. But the most important image -- the one of the Thaori -- is here to stay.

Here's a bit larger version of the Mu image:


And now the big thing, which reveals much more detail than previously known:

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That bottom one is like a photoshop filter :) Filters > Distort > Glass

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you can clearly see some Bioresonant type of patterns on the fabric covered seats and the Thaori look more feminine than I imagined.

I still gasp at the enormous size of the Pyramid of Savanansa Mu. Can you imagine seeing something like that or even the bigger supposed pyramid of Mars? Wow!
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