Audio Interview Excerpts Available

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Audio Interview Excerpts Available

Post: # 841Post Vesko »

You can find them on a page on Meanwell's website:

There are 4 excerpts available, totalling about 17 minutes. The entire interviews are 3 hours long. I very highly recommend them.

There's also a photo of Michel and the Meanwells, and some other colorful person (well we know who she is). The auric garment seems quite detailed in comparison with anything I've seen on Tom's site.
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Re: Audio Interview Excerpts Available

Post: # 13188Post SonnyHudson »

Does anyone know where the full interview(s) can be found? If they were ever posted/sold online.

I read on this forum that Michel talked about animals' astral bodies in one of them and would like to learn more as that and many other subjects are of interest to me.

Thank you!
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Re: Audio Interview Excerpts Available

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The interviews are also mentioned elsewhere in this forum Sonny :)
For example viewtopic.php?f=8&t=162&p=841&hilit=aud ... views#p841 among other places
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