No Time or Place for a True Civilisation

Do you want to change our current monetary system? Do you want to be involved in a project to INSPIRE billions of people by providing CONTRAST through EXAMPLIFYING yourself that a prosperous civilisation can be founded based on UNIVERSAL LAWS?

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No Time or Place for a True Civilisation

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I think you have 7 possible civilizations that correspond to the 7 chakra's (for chakra meaning see ). A chakra can't function on its own. So there is no ultimate civilization. Unless you combine the 7 attributes of the chakra's into your new civilization. But even then, the civilization depends on its inhabitans.

For example, what if a really dominant, agressive child is born? do you expel it to a nearby "lower" civilization?

I dont think earth was meant as an 9-class planet. I think you should look into yourself and change yourself first. Which results, if done correctly, in you entering a better world. Whether it be through karma or by moving to a higher class planet.

Let me remind you what Thao said. Although i cant remember it correctly it was something like "most beggers learn more than there kings". Perhapse it is our destiny to live in the gutter. And ofcourse to crawl out of it.
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:o I don't think so. That individual should be shown rules set forth. If they cannot handel the rules, then concequences are to be met.
‘And there we are. When you push away your neighbours, your son or your daughter - if you aren’t always ready to help even those whom you don’t like, you contribute to the disintegration of your civilisation. And this is what is happening on Earth more and more, through hate and violence."
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