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VeskoP wrote:I've read many horrendous public so-called "communications" on USENET and elsewhere, so I know what you mean. I've concluded that spam is not the biggest problem, and I think you make the same point. Full (or as much as possible) anonymity on the Internet can and does make many humans far lower than the most primitive creature. Love and understanding is in such a great deficit and so many sensible people (as well as the less sensible ones, but they don't realize it) need it that it is quite evident to me without reading any philosophy or book that we are a terribly bankrupted planet.

Let's close the doors again then. Anyone else's opinion?
No, with closing the door you may stop people from coming in, but you also stop yourself from going out. And that in a time when we already get too few sunlight, literally and figuratively.

The approach is that of love and understanding.

Whenever a person comes here and screams and shouts, it is essentialy the same as when such a person approaches you on street. Yet your response is quite different. In the street you may wish to approach him/her nicely or to let him live and let die, yet here, behind anonymity, you lock them out.

If you wish there to be more love and understanding, practise love and understanding. Let everyone in, from the nice folks to the real 'dogs'. They need love and understanding too, as much as another would.

You might recall that jesus did the same, he also went out with prostitutes and other low life scum, which is part of why he got crucified. But he was a light unto them.

As a forum which talks about love and understanding, you should be a forum of love and understanding. Otherwise you say good things but don't express them. How did you call that: practise what you preach??

Let everyone in, sometimes people need to shout, but most of the time they get better afterwards. Through love and understanding.

Catharsis should be allowed. (For those unknown to the term carharsis, it is essentialy the purging of emotional tensions, by whatever means present.)
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Alisima wrote: Catharsis should be allowed. (For those unknown to the term carharsis, it is essentialy the purging of emotional tensions, by whatever means present.)
The institution which provides the appropriate facility to "purge emotional tensions" is a theatre play.

The forum administration does not have an intention to divide its members into "low life scum" or "elite" but to unite its members in friendly, encouraging discussions over interesting and unique topics. Of course not everybody wants to agree with anybody over certain things. Nevertheless, in my opinion, the respect for each other (and each others opinions) has always been abided.

I think it is not the Forum administration that tries to lock out "inconvenient forum members" but these persons themselves showing that they do want to take part in this board as it is.
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Vesko:I think if you have it turned on, then it could not hurt to leave it and and see what happens,if it is just a matter of flicking a switch to turn it off. maybe nothing will come of it.
By their deeds shall you know them.
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