Scientists Find Love in 9 Ways?

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Scientists Find Love in 9 Ways?

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Different varieties of love
Trust, recognition and support - described as the "central story of love in our culture"
Cupid's arrow - love rooted in the physical attraction
Hedonistic love - little more than the pleasant and hedonistic feelings of excitement
Love as ultimate connection and profound feeling - a belief that love is the most profound of human feelings
Demythologised love - the romantic myth of love is rejected in favour of hard work and compromise

Love as transformative adventure - unpredictable love which can bring pleasure but can easily go wrong
From Cupid's arrow to role-bound relationship - love begins as an uncontrollable passion before the couple settle down
From Cupid's arrow to friendship - initial intense feelings give way over time to a relationship based friendship
Dyadic-partnership love - involves "the merging of two people" where both partners put their relationship before their own individual needs

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