Intermittent website access problems (FIXED)

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Intermittent website access problems (FIXED)

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Since some time yesterday, you may have been experiencing intermittent problems accessing the site -- you may have seen either, the hosting provider's page, or an error that the server could not be found (or something similar).

Explanation: The domain is handled by 6 servers, located in different parts of the world, whose job is to translate the domain name into the Internet address of the machine serving the web pages. The actual number of servers is much larger than that, but those are the servers that authoritatively know (are absolutely sure) where's web page server is located on the Internet. One of the 6 servers started translating incorrectly. It is located in London, UK. Depending on their geographical location, certain visitors use this server or an answer provided by this server, rather than the rest, although, not always. Therefore those visitors have experienced intermittent problems.

A forum member (Ptex) alerted me today that he got redirected to the aforementioned when accessing the forum site, and later I got the problem myself (thank you, Ptex). The issue with the server has now been corrected by the hosting provider, but due to the way the system works, there may still be people experiencing the problem right now. Within the next 1 hour and 15 minutes or so, everyone on the Internet who tries to access the site should not experience this problem. There are no other known problems.

Please respond if you have experienced the problem or you are experiencing another problem accessing the site.
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