Atomic "Teleportation" Achieved

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Atomic "Teleportation" Achieved

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News from June 17, 2004:
In a paper published in the journal Nature, NIST scientists say they were able to transfer the quantum state, or list of active properties, of one beryllium atom to another. The quantum state describes such physical characteristics as energy, motion and magnetic field.

Since the quantum properties of an atom can represent data, teleportation could be thought of as a way of creating an atomic network. Data could move rapidly through teleportation from one zone in a hypothetical quantum computer to another.
Read more on CNET here.
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Whoa hold on while I try to figure out this. ;)

Edit. So information transferance with out moving individual atoms. This would have great impact we could either use it to better understand complex things such as our physical bodies, or we could use it to create more havok. Once discoverd the choice is ours. However I think I understand what they are saying.
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Re: Atomic "Teleportation" Achieved

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found this few months ago:

Edwards AFB, Air Force Research Laboratory,
Warp Drive Metrics
"Teleportation Physics Study"
Eric W Davis, Ph.D.
August 2004 [fas = federation of american scientists]

In 2001, Dr Davis was on coast to coast am, presumably discussing this subject [never knew or heard about it back then]. Last night Kevin smith show had somebody on, talking a bit about some of the mathematics of the paper. Its an 88 page publically available document, and fairly technical.

this is him [his other related work can be viewed in full @ the earthtech site] [extended bio]

the interview details [but not the interview itself]:
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