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Everyone is related to someone else even if neither one knows it. Here's a place to discuss aspirations toward the perfect relationships with our fellow beings.

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Post witty comment here.______________________
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I have already seen that video. It even appeared on TV :D I thought he was spreading a virus first (maybe he really did O_O), anyway, yes, hugs...
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:cheers: hug - everybody :cheers:
an act against {free will} is an act against nature
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This video really touched my heart, sometimes I feel selfish :cry: for not doing something for someone but I realise that I can't change them, it's free will. I try to minimize this feeling by helping my brother and my little sister and giving a chance for the few people I get in touch.

:) So a hug to you :!:
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A very nice video...
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aaaaw <3
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